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I'm not very good at this sort of thing, but I hoped you guys might enjoy this. Consider it a thank you for being so awesome.

5th-Oct-2009 07:48 pm - More announcements
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1. It looks like the donation tab idea is quite popular, so we'll rearrange things so that we have two storage tabs, one donation tab, and one raid tab. To do that, though, we need to do some cleaning. So, something in the next week, please open up the guild bank and take out anything out of the first three tabs that your character or any of your characters' alts can use. In this case, "can use" is defined as "can do anything with except disenchant or sell for money". (Even if it's a near-term potential use, like "my blacksmith alt will be able to use this mithril ore in a few levels"). Whatever is left at the end of the week will be condensed - some of it will be kept, some will be DE'd, and some will be auctioned. (Any money made that way will, of course, go into the guild bank.)

2. Rob found an interesting addon here: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/f-i-n-o-guild-tax.aspx

Basically, it keeps track of how much money you make from different sources and drops a percentage of it in the guild bank every time you open it. This is helpful for people like him (and me) who want to contribute but forget sometimes. It's completely optional - you never need to donate to the guild bank at all if you don't want to, and you definitely don't need to do it this way. I went and set the rate at 5% for anyone that does want to use it, since it has to be set on the guild info (or MOTD) page.

3. We'll be saving up for the next two bank tabs. The next one is 2500 and the following (and last) is 5000, so that should occupy our funds for a while.

4. More to come when I have more time, space, and brainpower.
4th-Oct-2009 12:29 pm - Quick notes
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1) Mark was hacked the other night and removed items from the guild bank as a result. (He's got a ticket in, so we'll probably get that stuff back like we did with Nathyn.) Something is clearly up lately, so please check your computers for spyware and viruses, and make sure you're using a secure password. The latter might be harder than you think - you might not have noticed, but your WoW passwords are not case-sensitive. In fact, symbols on your number row (!, @, #, $, etc) are also identical to the numbers they're attached to - try it and see. So your password has to be a bit longer than usual to really be secure.

2) If you were along on our Naxx trip the other day and didn't get your emblems, it turns out you have to submit a ticket for it yourself (according to Blizzard's response to my ticket). Some of you guys have done that already, but if you haven't, go ahead and do that.
30th-Sep-2009 11:24 pm - Guild admin
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So, Bubba passed the guild leader position on to me (for now, anyway) and I'm working on fixing up the guild structure (and making pointless changes, because that's pretty much what you're supposed to do, right?).

I'm going to post some topics here for current guild members to talk about how we want to do things in the future. (I almost typed "going forward". LORD HELP ME IT IS IN MY BRAIN.)

First, though, a poll:

Should I stay guildmaster or do you want someone else to do it?

You do it
Someone else should do it (will nominate someone in comments)

For now, I've made Trevor and Myr officers so that things can get addressed without me being around (since one of the three of us will be on pretty much all the time). Bubba, of course, is still an officer (anything else would be unnatural).

I'm also reorganizing the ranks a bit. Right now, here's what's in the guild:

Penalty Box - I created this in case we need to isolate a character but not completely kick them. Basically: can't do anything but listen to guild chat (can't even talk). We'd use this if we thought someone was hacked or similar.

Probationary - someone we just met and think is okay. Will get some kind of very limited access (nature to be considered).

Member - someone we believe not to be a dick. Will get some amount of access to stuff.

Veteran - raids with us regularly or is gearing up to do so, and is vouched for by someone already at this level. Probably gets an extra tab that's just there for raid gear, but see discussion of bank tabs lower down.

Officer - people who have the ability to recruit to the guild, promote, and demote people, and generally be giant pricks to everyone.

I've divided people up on that basis (I think), but will move people around as necessary if I got it wrong, or if we want to use different ranks. (Incidentally, I would like /better names/ for these ranks even if we stick with them.) Not going to make an actual LJ poll on this, but: what do you guys think? Should we use more ranks? Fewer? Different definitions of the ranks? Totally open to ideas here.

Bank tabs:

I went ahead and just bought another bank tab for the guild. (If anyone wants to contribute to that, feel free to send me some gold. :) ) Right now they're divided up as follows:

Mats and Recipes
Crafts and Gear
Raider Stuff (flasks, epic gear, etc)

So, what kind of division makes sense to you guys? Trevor had an idea earlier today of having a tab just for donations - people who have stuff they want to give to the guild could put it in there, and then an officer would sort it into the appropriate tab or sell it and put the money in the guild bank depending on which way it would end up being more useful. That sounds neat to me, but we'd have to have another tab for that.

That also brings up the next topic of discussion: the guild bank itself. I have the following ideas about things we could potentially do with that:

1) Anyone under level 20 should feel free to hit the guild repair button. Past that point we can pretty much expect that you make enough money to handle your own repairs, but it's nice to be able to get a character started without worrying about that, since three silver can be a big deal to a new character.
2) If we're trying to gear up someone new or someone who's just hit level 80 for the purposes of raiding, a crafter can grab supplies (potentially money?) from the bank to make that person gear, since it ultimately benefits the whole guild to have them geared up.
3) If you see a piece of gear or a recipe in the guild bank that you don't have and your character could use, you should take it out and put it to use. That stuff is in there for that reason.
4) If someone is skilling up a new craftsperson and there's lower-level crafting materials in there, that person should grab them out and use them.
5) Guild repairs for people who are raiding regularly and are taking extra damage because of it?

What other things do you guys think? What are your reactions to these ideas?

Our guild tabard: do you like it? Should we change it? (Does anyone ever wear it?)

Well, that'll do for now. I apologize for this being all long and rambly. My goal here is to figure out some actual rules and guidelines and then put them into our web forum in a more organized form so that we have something to point at when new people are wondering what the heck is going on, rather than having them have to worry about trying to conform to social mores they may not be familiar with.
30th-Sep-2009 11:19 am - bank log pics for reference
Mostly details for !peas as he can't log into wow at work ;)

look a cut Collapse )
26th-Sep-2009 07:52 pm - flasks and xmutes
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Just to let you all know:

1) I can make the standard WotLK flasks (endless rage, pure mojo, stoneblood, frost wyrm) -- the main ingredient I'm short on is frost lotus. I am willing to make flasks at any time provided I have enough ingredients. (Note that one frost lotus = 2 flasks, or possibly more due to elixir mastery.)

1b) Willingness to Make Stuff also applies to any recipe I have -- and depending on the mats, I might be able to get at least some of them myself.

2) I can also do transmutes, on the standard 20hr cooldown, given ingredients. So far at least, this includes epic gems -- Majestic Zircon (eternal air + sky sapphire), Eye of Zul (3 forest emerald), Ametrine (monarch topaz + eternak shadow), Dreadstone (eternal shadow + twilight opal), Cardinal Ruby (3 eternal fire + scarlet ruby), and King's Amber (autumn's glow + eternal life) -- as well as meta gems (skyflare, earthsiege, earthstorm), elemental transmutes (of eternals, so far, I can do air to water, earth to air or shadow, life to fire or shadow, shadow to earth or life; there's also primal might, not that anyone uses that any more), and metal transmutes (8:1 saronite to titanium, 1:1 mithril to truesilver and iron to gold).

2b) In the process of getting the recipe for cardinal ruby, I ended up with 2 ametrine and 3 king's amber, plus a siren's tear that I just got out of the fishing reward. Are any of these useful for rogue stuff, and if so are there JCs that have the relevant recipes, and what if any other mats would I need?

(yes, I know I can look it up myself, but even when I'm not on pain meds, which I am right now, the list makes me go kind of cross-eyed.)
19th-Sep-2009 12:20 pm - *is dork*
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So my bank, as always, is full, and I had some questions about whether I should keep stuff.

Event outfits -- like the midsummer outfit, winter garb, etc -- is there any reason to keep them? Going to hang on to the brewfest ones since brewfest is fairly close anyway, but. I know there are feats of strength for eg getting the blue brewfest stein; how likely is it that they will make the outfits unavailable and then have a FoS involving, like, doing something in one of them?

Items that were used for the pre-lich-king scourge event thing -- consecrated sharpening stone, blessed armor set, various trinkets. Any reason to keep?

Armor sets and weapons that I'm not wearing any more (e.g. most of the eviscerator's set, and latro's shifting sword that I never got the partner to) -- again, any reason to keep?

Also, what are the stats that I should be aiming for, especially when it comes to food and to gemming new equipment? I ... can't remember whether I'm hit-capped or not (228?), and I don't know what mu expertise or crit or attack power should be.
17th-Aug-2009 09:35 pm - This week
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So, through no fault of their own, Isa is almost certainly going to be unavailable for raid this week (her computer is down for the count and is in the shop getting its hard drive replaced) and Rob is going to be late (an appointment he scheduled got moved). I'm okay with trying to pick up two non-regular raiders, but not four. So this week we'll be doing an old content run, most likely to Karazhan.

In some ways, this is actually better for the first week, since we'll have a chance to familiarize everyone with our raiding tools and the fundamentals of teamwork before we try it out in a real raid. We'll be going to Naxx starting next week. If any of you would prefer an instance other than Kara, please comment on this post. Thanks!
8th-Aug-2009 11:10 pm - Web Site
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Bubba has put the web site back up! It is now at http://www.avengedwow.com/

Some of you may remember this forum from last time. You should all still be registered; please let me know if you're not in the appropriate groups. For the rest of you, please go over there, sign up, and poke me. We'll be putting strategies and other raid stuff in there (since it's easier to track and index than an LJ, and we might even have some people someday who don't have LJ accounts).

I'm going through and moving old posts into an archive (slowly, so some are still there as I write this). Will probably just clear them all out later, but if there's something you wrote six months ago that you thought was pretty neat and want back, let me know and I'll fetch it out of the archive for you.
4th-Aug-2009 10:18 am - Raid Scheduling
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So, we've got the results from the poll in the previous entry, and people have been spending a lot of time levelling and gearing themselves up, and the patch with the new raid mechanics is going in today. This seems like a good time to start talking about raiding.

Here's what we'll be doing: the raid will be on every Thursday night starting at 7:00 server, since that seems to be the time that the largest number of people can make it. We'll start by doing 2.5 hours (until 9:30 server). In our previous universe, this wouldn't have worked, since that's not enough time to ever get through a raid instance before it resets each week, but as of today's patch we can extend our raid time to multiple weeks if we feel like it, so we'll have the option of working on the content at our own pace. If this sounds like something you can do, please comment on this post or otherwise let me know that you're in so we can start helping you get ready.

And since we have new raiders, just a word about scheduling. The way you should look at raiding is as if it were a group poker night or a bowling league. It's not the most serious thing in the world; obviously, life happens and there are going to be weeks you can't make it. Don't worry about that. Just let someone know as soon as you know so that we can make plans for your absence. But if you don't show up unexpectedly, or if you beg off every single week, your friends can't play either; we need to get together a certain number of people in order to do this stuff. I guess the short form is: don't worry about it when something happens and you can't make it, but please do show up otherwise.

Now, a lot of people seem to support the idea of doing two nights a week, but not enough can guarantee their presence to put together a full group. (Even on Thursday we're going to have to rely on a couple of PUGs and/or the appearance of people who didn't want to commit.) So what we'll be doing is designating a second day as an off day, where we'd like as many people as possible to show up, but where you should not feel an obligation to do so. In the event that we have enough people, we will try to work on alternatives to the main content on this day so as not to spoil the above-mentioned progression, unless we're going to reset on Tuesday anyway (so, for instance, we might run Sartharion if the main raid is still working on Naxx). For now, I'm looking at Monday as the off-day; it may seem a bit odd to consider that the second day, but the raiding week actually runs Tuesday to Monday since the server resets on Tuesday.

If we can't gather enough people to make any progress on up-to-date content on either day, we'll do either old content (Molten Core, Karazhan, etc.) or run heroics (including the new dungeon introduced with this patch). I'd rather have us doing something than have some of us log in expecting to go out together and getting disappointed because we're short.

I'm looking at August 20th as the start date. I've talked with Bubba about getting our forums back up, so watch this space for a link - we'll be posting strategies, specific policies, etc there. We're also in the market for new people, so if you know anyone who plays and has a character that might be able to fit into this schedule, please let me know. If anyone has any problems with the dates, the overall strategy, or anything else raid-related, please comment here and let's talk about it.
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